Why SSD Installation Is A Smart Move For Your Laptop

Why SSD Installation Is A Smart Move For Your Laptop​

Why SSD Installation Is A Smart Move For Your Laptop

The hard disk has taken over the computer world. The rise of digitization has made it an increasingly significant part of our lives today by the top laptop repair near me.

Now you can find hard disks ranging from 100 GB to thousands of gigabytes! But it comes with certain drawbacks. Some of them are slow data transfer speeds and higher battery consumption.

As a result, Solid State Drives or SSDs were introduced!

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Conventional hard disk drives consist of a rotating disk and an actuator. As a result, the moving parts consume higher battery power. But that is not the case with SSD, as it has a small chip installed where the data is stored, causing minimal battery usage.

However, the journey is only just beginning! SSD is actually a smart move for laptops. No longer are the days when high-performance games required upgrading your RAM, processor, or graphic card, which were pricey.

These upgrades have been replaced entirely with SSDs.

The cost may be higher than an HDD, but it is still a better investment than having to change RAM, processors, etc.

Additionally, SSDs offer faster data transfer speeds. While HDDs typically transfer approximately 50 MB per second, SSDs often transfer over 200 MB per second (on average) and even could go up to 600 MB per second. As a bonus, the reboot time is lowered significantly!


In short, SSD is not just an investment but a great asset to modern tech enthusiasts. Owing to its compact size, it can be installed seamlessly in digital gadgets like cameras, smartphones, CCTV, and many others.