4 Ways to Fix Apps Crashing And Freezing On My Samsung Mobile Phone

4 Ways to Fix Apps Crashing And Freezing On My Samsung Mobile Phone​

It might be frustrating when you are using your favorite app and it abruptly closes and sends you back to the home screen. This often happens when your Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity is sluggish or inconsistent, resulting in apps acting strangely. Lack of storage space on your mobile phone might also cause Samsung apps to break.

This might happen if you install too many memory-intensive apps on your Samsung phone. Continue reading to learn more about preventing apps from freezing and crashing on this Korean brand's smartphone.

 1.      Optimize your internet connection

When your internet connection is sluggish or unreliable, an app may crash. In this situation, strengthening your network typically helps. Try the following actions if the issue continues.

=>   For a few minutes, turn off your mobile data/Wi-Fi router.

=>   Your gadget should be powered off and restarted.

=>   Switch on the router or turn on mobile data to establish a Wi-Fi connection.

=>   If the App malfunctions and crashes, try utilizing a different network connection.

 2.      Delete App Cache and Data

Cache and app data can build up over time and prevent your apps from launching and functioning as intended. App cache and data clearing can be done as follows:

=>   Visit Settings

=>   Tap ‘Apps’

=>   Visit a particular app

=>   Then ‘Storage’

=>   Clear Cache & Data

 3.      Force stop the app

Simply force-stopping and reopening the program is the simplest technique to solve a Samsung smartphone app that keeps crashing rather than visiting phone repair shops.

 =>    To accomplish this, choose the program that keeps crashing under Settings -> Apps.

After selecting the app's name, tap "Force shutdown."

=>     Check to check if the app opens by trying it once again.

 4.      Install the Crashed App Again

You can have a Samsung phone app crashing issue if an app has not been correctly loaded or if you have paused the installation of the program a few times. The best course of action in this situation is to just remove the program and go back to the Google Play Store to download it again. Check to see if it crashes with a fresh installation.

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