7 Cheap Yet Effective Ways to Speed Up Your Old PC

7 Cheap Yet Effective Ways to Speed Up Your Old PC​

Using computers is a breeze nowadays. They're like handy tools that make work easier and let you do lots of things at once. But what if your computer malfunctions? That's frustrating, right?

Well, don't worry! This guide has 7 great ways to make your old computer faster and better (by the top computer repairexperts ). So, keep reading till the end!

  • 1. Remove the Unwanted Apps-

Even if your computer is old, deleting old stuff helps it run smoother. Get rid of old apps and things using the control panel.

  • 2. Cleanup Your Startup Programs-

Sometimes, when your computer starts, lots of things start with it. That can make it slow. Turn off things you don't need to start up to speed your old PC.

  • 3. Update Your System-

If your computer uses an old version of Windows, it might be time for a change. Try Windows 10, or Linux (a lighter version to do the daily activities).

  • 4. Add More RAM-

Look at how much memory your computer has. If it's not much, you might want to get more. Around 8 GB is good for doing many things at once. With more RAM, your computer can handle bigger files and data sets well without taking a long time to process them.

  • 5. Install Anti-Virus-

Older computers need protection from bad software. Get an antivirus program to catch and remove these malware, viruses, and other infectious files.It’s more like armor for your computer.

  • 6. Upgrade it with an SSD:

Think of an SSD as a turbo boost for your computer. It's faster than regular hard drives and makes everything speed up—starting your computer, opening apps, and moving files around.

  • 7. Cool Down Your Computer:

Even computers need to stay cool. Make sure the fans inside your computer are clean and working well. If they're not, replace them.

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